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CLOSED: Vigilante Madness Contest ++

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 8:24 PM
Icon - New by hase-illustration
7/30-  I apologize for my delay on announcing the end of the contest. It turned out to be a busy week for me and am now playing catchup with emails and social messages.Enju Grin Icon by Magical-Icon

The following are the three entries I received and well my winners! Yay!
In first we have this lovely piece 
 Seraphina at Dusk by laurytheotter
which I feel best reflects Seraphinas personality, style and not just that but the detail of this piece is astounding. I was blown away by all the attention to the design on the dress and leggings. It happens to be Seras favorite outift and I feel it was interpreted to purfection. I love the textures of the background and the shadow is pretty wonderful. All around I feel it was beautifully executed. Thank you :iconlaurytheotter: and Congratulations! 

In second we have this cool piece

Contest Entry: Seraphina Queen by SnowFright
which I adore. I think the outfit that was created for Sera is amazing. It's totally something she could wear and I feel the way this outfit was planned out is genius. I especially love the top part of the leotard with the clever addition of the thunderbird. I mean, LOVE it! Very cool! 
Thank you :iconsnowfright: for being so darn incredible! 

Lastly, but definitely not least we have

(Vigilante Madness Contest): Thunderbird by Xovinx

with a grand depiction of Sera in a super hero outing. I love the colors that were used here, they are the colors I envisioned for Seras outfit. I also like the neat display of the cape that reflects the idea of wings. I love that time was taken to place her in a lovely night scene. 
Thank you :iconxovinx: for your wonderful talents. 

The following are prizes to be choosen:
-->a custom set of huggles Plush characters. 
----> Twilight/Trixie Huggles

----> Hades/Maleficent Huggles
Maleficent hearts Hades by Catzilerella
---> choice of Rarity, Fluttershy, Batman or Joker popsicle plush 
Popsicle plush madness by Catzilerella
--->Rainbow faux fur fleece hat
Rainbow Animal hat by Catzilerella
--->Cyber Jester Hat
Cyber Jester Santa Hat by Catzilerella
--->Jester Blue xmas hat
Santa Baby by Catzilerella

First place gets first dibs, second chooses second, third chooses last. but will get to choose two prizes. (if they so wish) . Winners! message me your choices and addresses. 

Thank you! You are truly the best. <3 


7/15- Just a friendly reminder that we are down to the last week of the contest. Since I have only one entry so far and it seems unlikely a wave of entrants will suddenly present themselves (though that would be awesome) I can not justify having :iconstarmassacre: donate any prizes as awards. The prizes available will be my own Premade creations. The egg hunts and raffles have been cancelled. My apologies, but there just wasn't enough participation. My sincere thanks to those who did play into the raffles and egghunts.

FREE star divider by cherrytorteFREE star divider by cherrytorte
Welcome and Beware! Wall O'Text coming up and you have to get through that to get to the party. This contest will run through the end of summer. Deadline date: July 23rd 12am PST

Star! Hey RULES and Guidelines!!Star! 
1. One Entry per person. 
2. Drawings can be traditional or digital. No other medias will be accepted. It can be a sketch or a full blown art work with BG
3. Anyone can enter, regardless of skill, or watcher status. (Though it may be a good idea to at least watch my journals so you can get the contest updates. )
4. Any art style will be accepted. 
5. You have to draw the character listed below. 
6. No bases, doll makers, and traced pieces. Referencing poses is allowed. 
7. No nudity. Though some sexy is totally allowed. PG-13 Please. 
8. You must be a DA member. Do not email entries. All entries should be uploaded to deviant art. They will be added to my collection. 
9. I kindly ask that you either link this journal, my profile, or both to the deviation. 
10. Easter eggs will run the duration of the contest, prizes will vary. You can only win an Easter Egg prize once. More details below.
11. You CAN win an easter egg prize, a raffle prize and a contest prize.


12. I feel like I'm forgetting something...
13. I will write it in when I remember.

Star! Star! Prizes! Star! Star! 

All contestants will receive Llama badges from me. 

Depending on the number of entries the Prizes may change to accommodate that. If there are at least 30 participants I will consider doing a custom grand prize. If there are double the entries, I will consider more.

Currently, There will be Four prizes.
A set of huggle plush, your choice of
Twilight Trixie Huggle pals by Catzilerella

(OC's OK)

And your choice of ONE of the mane six MLP characters in Floppy for from :iconstarmassacre:
Fluttershy Floppy *SOLD* by StarMassacreAJ Floppy by StarMassacre 

First place will get first choice and so on. 

Star! What to draw:Star! 

20150331 141431 by Catzilerella20150331 143400 by Catzilerella Seraphina Queen by Catzilerella20150216 190738-1 by Catzilerella20150216 190757 by Catzilerella

Name: Seraphina Queen
Fantasy: Possess thunderbird physiology. Philomena Emote 
Age: 33 yrs old
Hair color: Plum (light purpleishpink) with streaks of blonde. Blonde when in Thunderbird mode. 
Eye color: blue or half blue and pink when in thunderbird mode. 
Skin color: light tan. 
Twitter Bird Icon  Likes: 
Birds of all kinds. Flowers, rainy days, fine art and reading. 
She loves to drink wine but you'll never find her overly intoxicated. She has an affinity for martial arts
Twitter Bird Icon Dislikes: 
Fresh cut flowers, chauvinists, corrupt government officials/ people of power and corrupt people in general. 
Twitter Bird Icon Bio: 
Seraphina comes from a family of crime fighters. She never really wanted to follow the family career transitions but then her mother who was one of the cities best prosecuting attorneys was murdered during a high end trial and her father lost his job as Captain after loosing himself in booze. It was then that she decided to apply to the academy and try to find justice for not only for her mother but for the people. She excelled through all training given her family background and schooling, but was always over looked. Superiors felt she was too young, pretty and really not suited to be able to handle real police work. She was given a desk job which she put up with in hopes that her value in the force would stop being over looked because of her pretty face. After a year of papers and chauvinistic pigs she lost the hope that shed ever be able to bring criminals to justice. Just as she was handing in her resignation she got a lead to a secretive case being handled on a federal level. She thought it could be her chance to show she is worth more than a secretary but what she found changed her life completely....
Sera thinks of herself as a fairly pleasant person who is kinda laid back and likes most people. However generally is viewed as a vain and condescending temptress out to destroy relationships. She never means to make anyone uncomfortable, just happens to find the wrong men to engage in flirtatious chatter with. She has never really had a deep relationship even though she is popular among the men, they tend not to trust her in the end. This has made her a little bitter through out the years and often wanders away from family and friends spending her time traveling the world studying different cultures, training in different 
forms on combat and sometimes secretly seeks justice for locals who can not trust officials to do the right thing. 
:wall of text:  Still with me? Here are is more info for art ideas and characters you can draw with Sera - Sera MUST be in the artwork:
Woooosh Super Hero ideas:
Costume: I have no references of this as she has not been drawn out as such. I imagine she should have a leotard something like Black canary, but be it two colors, kinda like Wonderwoman. but have like a tunderbird like image like the phonix on the top. haha. I know all these super heros combined. :iconbomblaexploplz:   I would totally be ok with any ideas you would like to create for her. Keep in mind she has Thunderbird Physiology 
She could have some red wings, though she does not always have her wings out. She could wear a mask or headdress of some sort. I'm open to costume design ideas.
She often works with Oliver Queen (NO Relation) AKA The Green Arrow. 
Drawing her with any characters from the show 'Arrow' would be absolutely OK! I LOVE IT. 
Drawing her with any DC superheros or supervillans would really be cool but the focus should be Sera! I'm just tossing ideas out for inspiration. 
 Here are more characters you can draw her with. I would love if you could at least ck out the links. 
You can draw Seraphina however you would like alone or with the characters posted. Head shot, bust shot or full scene, so long as there is no nudity however sexy is totally fine (swimsuit shot or lingerie) but keep it PG 13. 

Star! Star! How the art will be judgedStar! Star! 

The art will be judged based on a few points listed below. 1 &2 are far more important than 3. 
  1. Concept. Is the concept creative and original? Have the characters been depicted being in character or are they out of character? Which things has the artist added to make the entry interesting?

  2. Effort. Is the work of quality? Regardless of skill, is there visibly a lot of effort put into the entry? Is it rough or are there details painted? Is it a sketch or is it a fully colored entry with a background? Was it rushed or was it carefully made?

  3. Skill. How well were shadow and lighting used? How's the anatomy? What is the skill level used in the entry? How's the perspective, the scenery, the technical details?

You made it to the end!
I appreciate you taking the time to read, share and enter the contest. 
As always, Thank you so much for your incredible support. Much appreciated. <3



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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States

Welcome to my gallery! I have been steadily sewing since 2007. I started when I worked up the courage to cosplay. After deciding that buying a costume was not going to work for me, I invested in my first sewing machine and finished my very first sewing project.
Kula - Winning Smile by Kuragiman
I mean I had done some hand-sewing projects in the past, but nothing even close to what I felt was such an amazing accomplishment at the time. I was so proud.
Since that moment I have been in love with my sewing machine, sewing whenever I get a chance.
I really appreciate any commentary and feedback.
I am a semi-professional and I try to improve the best I can. Hopefully one day I WILL get to that super pro level of awesomeness. That is a dream of mine.

I love sparkle and shine and happy things!

--------**Just some fun FYI:** ----------------I
:thumb174347771:Catzilerella has been my allias for over 15 years.
In the real world I have several friends who call me Cat or Catz and that's ok with me. <3 You an can call me Catz too.

:thumb174347771: Catzilerella is also my OC which I usually mix in with my fandoms, currently mostly Monster High and MLP.

EMAIL: ***Email for commissions quotes. Even though my custom order requests may be closed I am always willing to give out a quote. Thanks!





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