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Amazing art of my Catzi OC by other AMAZING artist! LOVE! <3
C: Catzilerella and Paxton by Qba016Catzilerella the Big Blue Pony by marauderfazeCatzilerella- Monster High art trade- by Airinreika COMM: Catzilerella by licoriceskittlesCOM : Catzilerella by adelieaC: Catzilerella Dot Dead Gorgeous by Qba016 AT: Chibi Catzi Crushes Mini-Tokyo by SnowFrightCatzi Pony Art by StarMassacreCommission: Catzi Skull Shores by jde123Commission for Catzilerella by Doki-i
Clumsy Monster by WhimsiiPony Express by Whimsiirlc: Catzilerella by Amulet-Maru AT: Catz'n'Pax by SnowFright[Commish] Catz Commission Part 1 by Vivifxrlc: Catzilerella by Amulet-Marupony commision: Catzilerella by Smoortie
AT: Ghouls Rule Catzilerella by SnowFrightpony commision: Catzilerella by SmoortieAT: Roller Maze Catzi by SnowFrightCommission: Catz Stickers by Vivifx MY OC by CatzilerellaCommision: Catzilerella by VivifxSailor Sensi by RaNDOMchICCa
Monster High OC Fanart: Catzilerella by BunnyGirl103 Catzi Gloom Beach by ectosaur Mini Monsters by Brett1486 Happy Birthday Catzilerella! by ectosaur
MH - Ghoul Talk by SnowFright That girl is a monster by skasumi Lagoona and Catzi : Day at the Maul by ectosaur commission - cuddley babies by shubasami
Catzi 2012 by Brett1486 oh, you know, GODZILLA'S KIN. by ElimentalGiRL1324 Costumes fitting by kayintheskypony commission: Catzilerella by Smoortie What Drake got Catzi for Christmas by Brett1486HarajukuCatzi by CatzilerellaOC Catz Love by Catzilerella Catzilerella Commission by natleimasMH OC by CatzilerellaMy very own Pony by Catzilerella


My deviantArt Story

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 11:04 PM
Reading through some of your stories I was inspired to write my own.... that and I actually have a sort of free night. 

So, Happy Birthday DA! 

I don't remember how I got started on deviantart. I think it was because of my very first watcher :iconjohtleeli-stock: back when we were all very much into Cosplay.  I'm sure there were others but my memory is pretty bad as of late. Any of my old watchers remember? yea, me either. LOL
Even though I had created an account I uploaded very little of my work on here, and shortly after joining I kinda wandered off into the "real world", never to be thought of again. 

This was my very first favorite. 
Kiss the Bride by Kuragiman

An amazing photo of me and my hubby by :iconkuragiman: A very very dear friend. I still think of and adore you and your work very much. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me K-man!  I may not have ever been so much into cosplay if it had not been for you. 

My latest favorite

Commission - Chardove by ShadowedPorcelain

by the talented :iconshadowedporcelain:

Right when I saw this I imagined my 4yr old flipping her lid and whining for her very own.  She loves animals and this is so perfect. It has so much detail on the wings and was so beautifully crafted all around. I can almost hear it honking. It would totally have a 'life' in this house. 

My very first deviation
Kula Diamond by Catzilerella
another photo by the talented :iconkuragiman:
of my second version of Kula Diamond. Man I remember being so proud of this outfit and loving that blue hair! I broke two sewing machines trying to sew through that faux leather. (I don't know if they were actually broken, but they didn't sew anymore so I just went to walmart and bought/exchanged it for another beginner machine) Anyways I never did finish it as I didn't get around to doing the design on the back of the jacket. I didn't want to paint it and I didn't know anything about applique then. All I knew is that it sounded impossible to do on faux leather. This is one of the few costumes I still own. This is also the only costume I've ever had featured on and a couple of blogs like game informers cosblog. 

This is my latest deviation

Frappalope: Popsicle plush by Catzilerella

one of my popsicle plush which I am currently addicted to at the moment. I just want to keep making them. 

I started out with cosplay but since have done many different kinds of crafting. I was really into making sock dolls for a while (I don't think I have to many of those uploaded here- for shame) , I got into BJDs and loved making clothes for them, totally in love with Monster HIGH and really enjoy crafting for those dolls too. I also loved taking picture and dabbled in amateur photography. Throughout the years I've wandered off this site and uploaded my works to places like flickr, facebook or photobucket and they went unnoticed. I went through phases where all the crafting I did was amigurumi (it was bad! but I still loved it) or crochet hats ( I love doing that). I even enjoyed looming. I also went through a phase where I tried my hand at sculpting and even doll repaints. I uploaded a few here and was attacked with negative comments (which is usually why I'd wander from this site) I ended up deleting a lot of the stuff that was apparently so appalling and offensive. Geesh, just trying to be creative here, sorry for pissing anyone off. 

It is a bit sad that my most favorited art throughout the years is not even a work of mine. 
Monster High OC by Catzilerella
It is cool that people love my OC so much, but besides being my character she was brought to life by the amazing :iconcrescentbunny: Who is also a dear friend of mine! 
Nessa! Miss you girl! You need to draw more! For cereal! 

My least favorited art (at the bottom of all the 0 faves), which I was not expecting. 

Eko -Karas by Catzilerella'
 I thought turned out amazing, and the guy who commissioned it send me a pic and he really made it look good. Wish I had saved it. 

Also This is the second least favorited 

My Spike by Catzilerella

WUT?!> lol I thought that was funny and awesome. I guess it's just me. 

I think I've improved some in all the areas of crafting through out the years. DA inspires me, I love to browse through the art that is shared here. I love people who post tutorials. I try to when I have the skills and time.  I've definitely learned new techniques from deviants who have helped when I ask annoying questions. Like
:iconyuki87: was super nice enough to give me a brief explanation on how to crochet lalaloopsy- like hair last sept. I was working on a wig hat for my daughter. Your tips were helpful! I don't know if I ever showed you, but I did finish that wig hat.
charlotte charades wig hat by Catzilerella
 I adore people who don't mind sharing a tip or two. Its rare that people want to talk about their techniques. So if you do, and if you have.... 

It's the good people on DA that keep me around because some of you are real mean. 
I want to keep writing about so many other lovely artist and friends, but that may be too long. I do want to give a shoutout to :iconivory-bolt: who was the first deviant who wanted to do an art trade with me! yay! LOVE your ponies! <3 and who stuck around to be an awesome friend. 
And to :iconstarmassacre: who made a Christmas awesome by being a super amazing fill in when my secret Santa partner dropped out and who also stuck around to be an awesome friend. 

Keep on keeping on! 

for reading!



My next Equestria girl inspired plush should be 

6 deviants said Fluttershy
3 deviants said Rarity
3 deviants said Photofinish
2 deviants said Pinkie Pie
2 deviants said Make a boy! Cheese sandwich
2 deviants said Trixie
1 deviant said My OC- Comment (I may just make it for you... for FREE?!)
No deviants said Twilight
No deviants said Celestia
No deviants said OTHER - Comment


Catzilerella's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States

Welcome to my gallery! I hope you enjoy some of my work. I have been sewing since 2007. I started when I worked up the courage to cosplay. After deciding that buying a costume was not going to work for me, I invested in my first sewing machine and finished my very first sewing project.
Kula - Hand Jive by Kuragiman
I mean I had done some hand-sewing projects in the past, but nothing even close to what I felt was such an amazing accomplishment at the time. I was so proud.
Since that moment I have been in love with my sewing machine, sewing whenever I get a chance.
More recently (2012) I started making plushies more frequently. Mostly because my daughter loved MLP and I wanted to make her some custom ponies. I LOVE plush so making them is really a joy! I hope to keep improving in this area.

I've been meaning to organize my work , but in the mean time I hope you can find your way around the folders. I really appreciate any commentary and feedback.
I am not really a professional, but I try to improve the best I can. Hopefully one day I WILL get to that level. That is a dream of mine.

Currently my main job and concern is my Mom job. I LOVE IT. I have two beautiful and sweet girls that can never have too much of my attention. Really sometimes it's amazing I can get any kind of creative work done but when I do often I feel I've accomplished a great feat. I am married, to an amazing guy who just thinks the world of me. <3 It's been five years and looking forward to many many more!

I love sparkle and shine and happy things!

--------**Just some fun FYI:** ----------------I
Animated Color Bullets by JoshuaVillaniStudiosCatzilerella has been my allias for over 15 years.
In the real world I have several friends who call me Cat or Catz and that's ok with me. <3 You an can call me Catz too.

Animated Color Bullets by JoshuaVillaniStudios Catzilerella is also my OC which I usually mix in with my fandoms, currently mostly Monster High and MLP.

Animated Color Bullets by JoshuaVillaniStudiosThe first horror movie I can remember watching is Chopping Mall when I was about 6yrs old.
This movie would give me nightmares, that is until I watched IT.


ASK me a question! I MAY answer it and put it here~

I like to meet cosplaying and crafter friends~ and other silly moms.

EMAIL: ***sometimes I stray from this site, this is the fastest way to contact me on the interwebs as I can easily ck it from my phone**

Costume Gallery:…




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